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9 digits zip code,postal code: 87508-8087 
5 digits ZIP Code: 87508 
ZIP 4: 8087 
County: SANTA FE 
County FIPS Code (Federal Information Processing Standard): 35049 
State: NM 
Address Primary Number: 2 - 98 (Even) 
Address Second Number:  
Buliding Firm Name:  
Record Type: S: Street 
Carrier Route ID: R016 (Rural route) 
ZIP Code Add On: 8087 to 8087 
Address Primary Number: 2 - 98 (Even) 
LACS Status(Locatable Address Conversion Service ):  
Government Building:  
Finance Number: 347896 
Congressional District Number: 03 
Preferred Last Line Key: Z14134 

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