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Install zip code,postal code lookup search tools!
Install zip code,postal code lookup search tools!

  • United Kingdom - postal codes - GeoNames
    Either enter a postal code (eg "9011", "AB1", "9980-999") or a city (eg "London")
  • United States - postal codes - GeoNames
    Either enter a postal code (eg "9011", "AB1", "9980-999") or a city (eg "London")
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    Included in … Key Value Type Description Country? City? Insights? accuracy_radius: integer: The approximate accuracy radius, in kilometers, around the latitude and longitude for the geographical entity (country, subdivision, city or postal code) associated with the IP address
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    The Findnsecure is an Vehicle Tracking Software, which uses the GPS, GSM and SMS technologies to enable businesses to keep track of their fleets of vehicles The hardware unit consists of GPS and GSM (GPRS can replace GSM) modules and proprietary embedded software
  • McLeodGaming
    Thank you all for your patience, the website and forums are back in business! Things should be back to normal now, but if you notice anything fishy please let us know!
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    Kazakhstan has been inhabited since the Paleolithic Pastoralism developed during the Neolithic as the region's climate and terrain are best suited for a nomadic lifestyle
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    Clockwise from top: Astana Downtown, Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall, Khazret Sultan Mosque, L N Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Nazarbayev University, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center
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