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Install zip code,postal code lookup search tools!

  • List of postal codes - Wikipedia
    This list shows an overview of postal code notation schemes for all countries that have postal or ZIP code systems
  • Postal codes in Switzerland and Liechtenstein - Wikipedia
    Format of postal codes (PLZ) The Swiss postal codes are assigned geographically, from west to east They don't follow political divisions (cantons, districts), but
  • Code postal — Wikipédia
    Le code postal est un ensemble court de chiffres ou de lettres inclus dans l'adresse postale, et utilisé par les entreprises postales pour simplifier et accélérer
  • Postal Codes, Zip Codes List
    Here you will find web links of Postal code, Zip code list, Postcodes, postal code number database, Area code, Zip code map amp; City Code for different countries

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